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INTSIG Unveils New Document Digitization Solutions at Big Data & AI World 2023

Event Background:

INTSIG took center stage at Tech Week Singapore from October 11-12, 2023, where we showcased our outstanding AI-powered OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities at the prestigious Big Data & AI World event. Our Head of Overseas Business Division delivered the speech “Advancements in AI-powered OCR Technology: Transforming Document Processing and Information Management” at the event.

The speech covered the latest trends in AI-powered OCR technology, highlighting the importance of digitizing paper documents and explaining how AI-powered OCR engine accurately captures and extracts data from documents. This technology helps companies automate invoice processing and streamline their accounts payable workflow. This speech proved to be both informative and inspirational for professionals engaged in automated document processing, financial digitization, and AI technology.

INTSIGs Exhibition:

During the event, we demonstrated the latest advancements in AI-powered OCR technology and how it can be used to enhance the speed and precision of document processing. Additionally, we actively participated in discussions with event attendees regarding the significance of digitizing paper documents. These discussions highlighted how the utilization of an AI-powered OCR engine for accurate document capture and extraction can facilitate the invoice automation and streamlining of accounts payable processes for companies.

We also launched an updated document digitization technology for invoice automation, TextPro, which specifically engineered for automating invoice processing. This innovative solution accommodates a diverse array of document types in more than 50 languages, with a strong emphasis on proficiency in Asian language recognition. TextPro has been successfully implemented in the financial systems of various global multinationals, as well as Chinese companies which are seeking global expansion. TextPro has played a pivotal role in automating the invoice processing in multiple languages and formats.

The advantages of TextPro includes:

  • Out-of-box Experience: No samples needed for unstructured documents, make it ready to use immediately.
  • High Accuracy: For most invoices and other business documents, the initial field accuracy can reach 85%-90% as the average.
  • Asian language recognition: TextPro holds a leading edge in Asian language recognition and deeply commits to automating financial documents.
  • Image preprocessing: Using advanced image correction techniques, TextPro’s algorithm effectively resolves barrel, tangential distortions, calibration errors, and shadows, greatly improving accuracy and reliability of image information.
  • Continuous Improvement: By leveraging deep learning technologies, we continuously enhance the accuracy of document structuring, leading to consistent improvements in efficiency.
  • Customization: Customized AI models that meet business needs and specific standards can be built based on clients’ needs without writing codes.
  • ERP Integration: TextPro provides sufficient ERP interface, allowing customers to integrate invoice data into their business workflows.
  • Smart Comprehension: AI-powered OCR engine enables the platform to read and understand semi-structured documents in various formats. TextPro can quickly verify the accuracy and completeness of the data extracted from documents, especially for invoices, POs, and receipts, and no manual intervention is required.

About Big Data & AI World:

Big Data & AI World is hosted during Tech Week Singapore, drawing an audience of over 22,885 attendees, with participation from 450 exhibitors and 700 industry leaders. The event showcased state-of-the-art solutions in various fields, including big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cyber security, e-commerce, and data centers, etc. Notably, the event featured senior executives from various sectors, including individuals holding titles such as Head of Digital Transformation, Head of Innovative Businesses, CTO, CISO, and Chief Architect, etc.

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