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Quick Receipt Scanning

Scan and extract valuable data from your customers’ printed receipts with our receipt scanning technology. Use this information to learn more about your customers, run personalized campaigns, and offer bespoke rewards based on their shopping history. Our cutting-edge Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology recognizes receipts in over 17 languages and can support your business anywhere.


Receipt Recognition

CapitaLand Limited (CapitaLand) is one of Asia's largest diversified real estate groups.
It uses IntSig's OCR capability to support structured information recognition of receipts and convert it into credits that can be redeemed for parking hours, membership in shopping malls, etc.

Invoice Recognition

SMBC is the second largest banking institution by total assets and market capitalization in Japan. By using AI-OCR invoice recognition technology to achieve accurate invoice recognition rate and input data into the automatic anti-money laundering verification system, the risk of human input error is reduced and 4,200 hours of working time can be saved annually.