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CamCheckout helps banks, securities brokers, insurance companies, and other financial organizations to scan and read bank cards without effort. With OCR being the underlying technology, this product helps our customers to improve their efficiency and avoid errors.

Debit and credit card OCR

Data extraction on both debit and credit cards

Optimization of the workflow

validation of card data

What are the benefits?

The solution can be used to support many use cases. Examples could be simplifying credit card payments, automated age verification via credit card OCR and bank account validation through debit card scanning.

  • Prevent fraud
  • Error reduction
  • Reduce cost
  • Speed improvement
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Prevent fraud

Our credit card OCR solution automatically recognizes errors, fraud and duplicates.

Error reduction

Reduce cost

Save money with Klippa’s card processing solution.

Speed improvement

Simplified onboarding and improved payment speed.

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